Relevant Irrelevance

by KC Meals

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released May 25, 2017

Produced by Leonard Soosay at Snakeweed Studios, Singapore
Lyrics by K.C. Meals, Brandon Tanoto ( Track 1 )
Electric Guitars by Daniel Sassoon on ( Tracks 2 & 3 )



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Track Name: Deadweight
Torn mind, tired eyes
Please don't let the light inside
This deadweight's mine.
They left, took all my pride
I point, then drink the wine
I'm fine.
I think I'm fine?

I think I've seen it all
I come undone
They laugh when I fall
I will revolt
I will revolt

Why is it every step forward
I move two steps behind
This deadweight's mine
Why is it every chance I get to shine
I cover myself with grime
But I feel fine

The weight of the world is lifted like a feather
It's moved by the wind as I crawl into a slumber
Well it scares me to awake with a knot in my chest
But it puts me off balance so I put it back there
I knew I wasn't great but I felt we could relate
Together we create but now love just turns to hate
Perhaps it's too late as I stand before your gates
I know I've made my bed but look, I don't believe in fate
Track Name: Take The Cake
What makes you think that
That you can get through a day not making your bed
You tell these stories
That you came up with in your own bloody head
What does it really feel like when you choose to ignore
Or when you speak of when you’re not very constructive anymore

I’ve run out of ways to prove to you
That this time, this time i’m really new
I’ve made mistakes but hey, you ain’t perfect, you’re just the same
It’s time for me to leave and take the cake

You’re just a walking, a walking contradiction of yourself
You stand so proudly, when you don’t even break a bloody sweat
What makes you think that
Not knowing would make everything A ok
You stand for nothing and chose to remain silent when it breaks

It’s been a year now
And I don’t really miss a thing we shared
I’ve been real busy
busy doin’ the things we never had
I’m tired of singing
Singin’ bout how you were always there
I’ll keep on barkin’
Louder than you’ve ever have
Track Name: Relevant Irrelevance
We’ve made mistakes this year
And it’s pretty clear
That some things have changed
Shit happens, some will say
Some of us have veered
Off the path and gave in to fear
Lessons learned the hard way are just fuckin’ weird

Remember every downfall
Remember every lost
Remember when he tried to stand
When he couldn’t even talk
Throw out your old conscience
Tear your ego into shreds
Hug the ones you hate the most
Or go eat a steak instead

Merry Christmas, this year’s been a fucking ride
We’ve learnt, laughed and cried, and even did some time
Happy New Year, it might even suck as much
But If it does, we’ll grab it by the throat
And make it nice for us

Some have lost so much
And they hold in so much thought
Never leave them even when you’ve had enough
The pain of losing someone, it never fades away